Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY Day 2 and 3 (and 4 too)

"you should blog more!" mumbled my husband, chewing on the lamb chops. " They are wonderful." Later, son A said more along the same lines," Mom, please blog more so that we can have these delicious foods." I had to tell Husband Dear and other members of my family that they had it backwards. It is because I am cooking these "delicious" food that I have something to blog about! Not the other way round.

I was trying to diary what I am serving this Chinese New Year so that I can have something to look back at next year. So, I am making an effort to photograph the food and blog it.I realize looking at the previous posting I have the days and dishes confused because I am thinking of CNY in terms of what day it is in Malaysia! In San Diego time they were :-

  1. CNY Eve - Oven Roasted Crabs
  2. Day 1 - Pepper Crusted Steak
  3. Day 2- Oven Finished Lamb Chops
  4. Day 3 -Curry Laksa (doctored up Prima Taste Laksa Mix with homegrown serai, curry leaves, cheng hong and garnished with eggs, prawns, chicken and tau kwa)

Today is day 4 and it is Son A's 14
th birthday! 14 years ago, he arrive a day early on CNY Eve and did not make it to year of the Pig. Instead he was born in the Year of the Dog, like both of his grandmothers and his Aunt C. Hmm, it was also Super Bowl Sunday that night. I thought my doctor was watching the Super Bowl game and not attending to me as promptly as he should have. As it happened, be was feeling sick and did not want to alarm me.... another doctor was coming to replace him. So dear Son A was delivered by the same doctor who delivered my daughter L.

Well, we did go out to one of Son A's favorite places to eat - The Crab Hut. He had his fill of delicious shrimps. Husband and daughter had King Crab Legs and your truly had steamed clams. Of course, we had to end the night with a respectable helping of frozen yogurt from Yogurt World. Yummy - what can I say, I am a Plain Tart kind of girl ! ( hey you got to know Yogurt World to know my drift)

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