Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time Zones and Realities

Remember how I got the days and corresponding dishes I made for Chinese New Year mixed up because my mind was working on Malaysian time? Well, after I wrote the last posting I decided to check up on Son A's zodiac year....

He was born in the Year of the Dog but that new zodiac year (Pig) only begun on January 31, 1995. Ha, ha. My mind was on Malaysian time that time too!!! I remember us calling home and letting my siblings and my mother in law know he was born. They were having the traditional CNY Eve Reunion Dinner and commenting that he came just a day early or he would be a Piglet! So caught up with his birth and Chinese New Year, that was all that stuck in my mind all these years. In reality we were only at January 29 and it was not even CNY Eve here in the US!!!

Another thing, so embarrassing.....the wonderful lady from whom's blog I have been making some of these delicious food was not Lily Sek but Lily Ng!! A thousand apologies. Her blog's name is Lily's Wai Sek Hong. My twisted Asian mind just picked up a random part of the blog's name for her last name. Have I lost my sense of ethnicity or bearing or am I cast adrift because of my almost 20 years in this land I now call home? I hope it was tiredness and if not, it is something curable.........

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