Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Your Brother is a Beast!

"Your brother is a beast. Wait till you see him in action" said my husband to my daughter L. My son A has been playing Lacrosse for the past 3 or 4 months. To say that he is obsessed with the game is an understatement! Daughter L has yet to come out to a game of his, being occupied with college applications, tons of homework and what seems to be never ending barrage of tests. Finally this weekend after celebrating her birthday, she came out to watch him.

This weekend Son A was guest playing with another team as there were not enough players from his regular team to field a team for the tournament. It worked out great as the team he was with this weekend consisted of new players. The team lucked out with 4 players from A's team- a goalie, a defender, a forward and A, a face-off specialist and midfielder/ forward. They got the top 4 players of our regular team to anchor the team.

Son A got lots of playing time being the face-off person. He was also very aggressive and successful in the attack.He scored 2 goals during the tournament. One highlight of the tournament was when he was checked from behind, right across his back. He came flying towards us, closed to the sideline where I was ready with the camera. The look on his face was precious. Surprise and full of mischief and determination. I was too shocked as were the other parents, when we saw him being knocked into our midst. I missed that photo opportunity! His stick went flying. We thought it was knocked out of his hands but as was later revealed he actually threw the stick. The players were scrambling looking for the ball, when Son A picked himself up and the ball which he still had with his stick that he threw. No wonder they could not find the ball! He then race off to the goal but alas he was taken down right as he was making the shot in front of the goal.Now, we understand that mischievous look on his face.

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