Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Husband, My Hero

So the other night, my dear husband turns to me and hands over a section of the newspaper. "Does your spider looks like this?". I had been talking to him earlier that day about my spider - Spidy. I told him that I was worried Spidy was going to die soon as she is supposed to. She had in the fall laid an egg sac and look after it until eggs hatched. She is so much smaller than she was when I first spotted her in the summer. To top things off I found her with another egg sac this morning. Already exhausted from tending to the first egg sac, I do not know how she will fair.

Back to the newspaper article, he handed to me. It was about the Brown Widow Spider. The Brown widow venom is twice as potent as black widow but less is injected. "No, my spider does not look like the brown widow spider. She is a Green Lynx Spider." I left it at that but did continue to read the article.

Today, when I went to take
in the trash cans from the curb, I remembered the article and what it said about the spiders favoring the underneath the handles of trash cans. Low and behold, there they were, egg sacs with tiny spikes. I did not touch the handles directly but use something to help me pull the trash can into the yard. I search for the article to see how to best handle it. It says to squish the spiders as they do not die immediately from insecticide. So tomorrow I will do that.

Meanwhile, thank you my husband for looking out for me ( although I suspect he thought I did not know one spider from another!)

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