Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 5 through7

I do not think I can keep this up... The daily drag of housewives throughout the world since the beginning of time... what to cook for dinner? I have been forcing myself to cook something special for dinner each of the 15 days of Chinese New Year and have fallen flat on my face on more than one occasion. I just cannot keep it up....The pressure is too much, I tell you !!! Not to mention this blogging bit.. okay it pushes me. It is nice to rant. I feel I am talking to my family back home and people who care. Is anybody listening??? :P

Day 5- Ma Po Tofu and Baby Bok Choy with Chinese Bacon. Mundane I know and one of those one dish dinners my husband complained to you about my dear sister S. The days of one meat, a plate of vegetable, a soup and maybe a curry is ... well, only happens at your house!!! The one upside is Ma Po Tofu is husband's favorite dish... which lets me get away with it a little. Son loves it and daughter not so much. Me- just sustenance.

Day 6 - Saturday, went for late Tim Sum Brunch (yum). Had some leftover Noodles Fried with Special Soya sauce and Porridge with Pork Meat for dinner. Ha, ha.... yeah, major flat on face situation. Daughter L was going out to Baronial dance (more about that later) and son was at his best friend's house. Only snacks needed to keep hungry pangs away for us left at hom

At around 8 pm as rumblings rose from our traitorous belly and we broke out Son A's birthday present - the Sunbeam Rocket Grill. I grilled a delicious New York Steak, broke out a can of baked beans and toast up some crusty bread. Light supper! Son A heated up his precious stock of Tee Toh Tung ( Pig stomach soup) from our friend Grandma O ( she specially made the soup for him, knowing how much he loves it). Sort of redeemed myself right???????

Day 7 - Sunday,late brunch again. This time Mr. Dumpling House for individual steamboats. We had the Old Beijing Soup Stock. It was kind of salty this time. We had been there two o
ther times before and it was always good. Today was a bit of a let down but it felt good not to be eating oily food. The lamb and noodles were good.

Although sluggish and too full at meal's end but we forced ourselves to grocery shopping at 99 Ranch Market - Oriental Supermarket, since we were all the way up here in Convoy. It is a huge supermarket even by Asian standard, complete with Asian Butcher, Fishmonger, Green Grocer ,eatery and all kinds of Asian (and some American staples) you could possibly want. Was planning to cook Nasi Lemak tonight. Saw the sotong and just thought,"No way am I cleaning the sotong today." 99 was packed to the gills with people. I had forgotten it was still CNY. Had to get out quickly. Headed to get ikan bilis for ikan bilis sambal and tau kwa. Could not get to kangkong and was not about the fight the crowd. No pandan...Will have to make do.

Beng Hoe headed to the frozen section. The men in my house had discovered these frozen Tha
i Dinners complete with curry and real jasmin rice.$3.59 a box. Stocked up on those and some Pad Thai for daughter. Everyone but your truly has tried them. What do I get? Green Tea with Brown Rice. Had run out and been missing it and being spoilt by my kids. The joy of yelling "Mommy needs green tea" in the evening and being rewarded with a fragrant cup of tea. Service has been slow (if any) when they had to make a hot pot from loose green tea. Such is the limit of their love for me.

Still full from lunch, general consensus for to push Nasi Lemak to another day. As usual our belly betrayed us. At around 7 pm, I moseyed to the kitchen and started to cook. Prepared the rice first. Coconut milk out of the can. Hey, this is the USA.Boiled some hard boiled eggs (14 minutes perfect hard boiled eggs). Rummaged freezer for my stash of frozen sambal. Peel and fried up ikan bilis. Fried some peanuts and toasted up the tau kwa. Cooked the fried ikan bilis in the sambal together with more fresh slices of onion. Peeled and cut cucumber. Dinner is served. Everyone is happy. Son A loved the ikan bilis sambal so much he polished it! Said it was like the sambal in the banana/ paper wrap packages in Malaysia. Isn't that sweet : )

That is day 5 to 7. How we will be going forward is anyone's guess. Work week, sports practices, soccer games, Muay Thai and Jujitsu classes in early evening....

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