Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bamboo Grove

Mr.Chau our landscaper was here yesterday to thin out my Bamboo Forests, particularly the one at the rear of the house. Our neighbours from behind had come over a few weeks ago to ask if we could trim our bamboo. The bamboo stalks were bending over to their side of the garden unto the roof of their patio. We had told them last year that if ever they grew too much to let us know and we will trim the bamboo.This time they asked if we could trim them back maybe every six months if necessary. I told that to Mr.Chau, who laughed. You see we had hired Mr.Chau maybe 4-6 months ago.He is Vietnamese. He says after he trims the bamboo we do not have to worry about trimming that often. He will eat up all my bamboo shoots!! The clump will not get out of control from now on. Ha, ha. Little did I know the savings I would be making with hiring Mr.Chau.

I would say the upper garden has maybe 40% more sunlight with yesterday's trimming. I am not sure if my neighbors will be as happy as they think they were going to be... You see, their master bedrooms face the back of our garden. Our bamboo grove was shading their room. If our front rooms are any indications, it will be a lot hotter for them now.

Maybe, my tomatoes will do better this year. Talking about that I should start some seedling soon.

P.S. Mr.Chau said he came across a possum in the bamboo grove when he was clearing away the leaves.

I like Mr. Chau- he brings me delicious dragon fruit from his garden.

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