Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How a Dog celebrate Chinese New Year

This years while surfing the web, I discovered that the 2nd day of Chinese New Year is considered the Birthday for all Dogs. It said we were to be extra kind and feed them well. What did Frasier get? One serving of Oven Finished Lamb plus Lamb bones from what we ate. Pretty good right?
Today, for breakfast, Frasier enjoyed leftovers- a Char Siew Pau. Isn't he cute? He loves jumping over the wall surrounding our patio. See him just about to jump back into the patio from the garden.

I just checked. Frasier was born July 8, 2005 and that means he was born in the year of the Rooster. Gosh my Rooster Dog! Whatever, I love that mutt. He is going to be 4 years old this year, which is 28 in human years. Last year he became older than my own kids in human years.In 2013 he will be 56 years old in human years and older than the whole family!!!

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