Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nonya Curry Powder

6 tablespoons coriander seeds
4 tablespoons cumin seeds
2 tablespoons fennel seeds
4 teaspoons black peppercorns
4 cinnamon sticks (6cm lengths each)
3 cardamon pods
10 cloves
1/2 nutmeg
5 tablespoon chilli powder
5 tablespoons turmeric powder

Over low heat, roast the whole spices separately in a dry frying pan until fragrant, shake the pan or stir the contents as necessary to prevent burning. Allow the spices to cool and grind to a fine powder in a fry blender or spice mill. I use a Braun coffee grinder specially dedicated to grinding spices. Sieve for a finer texture. Combine with ground spices with the chilli and turmeric powder. Store in a dry jar in the pantry.

* heat of the curry powder depends on the chilli powder. Adjust with additional chilli powder or fresh chillies when using in recipes

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