Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catch up

A long silence after a slew of postings......guess what? Life got in the way! I have been out there living my life as it should be instead of blogging. Not that I have not thought about blogging. I often found myself thinking in the midst of a event or moment, okay I will blog about this.... a fleeting thought because now I do not remember what it is I wanted to blog! I have learned not to agonize over this lost moments.....

Okay, since last posting. Chinese New Year has come and gone. I did cook some marvelous meals which I cannot remember offhand and which would require considerable effort to pluck out of my aging grey cells. I realized that I cannot keep cooking great meals 2 weeks in a row!! I think 3 days in a row, maybe 4 is achievable but beyond that, it is just no more fun. That is what the Chinese New Year blogging effort revealed. I did enjoy the effort (as did my family). Getting the flu and allergies to the Santa Ana stopped me in my track. Dear husband said I have been down for 2 months... I think that is an exaggeration....Getting better and then going into the rain and cold to catch my children play their sports did not allow me to fully recover but hey, I was there living my life.

Okay, quick run through. We enjoyed son A's second Lacrosse tournament with La Jolla Country Day School- he was spectacular. He started the tournament with a goal right off from face off and scored within 50 seconds! He scored 3 goals in all within 10 minutes off the game. What a start to the tournament!! Yesterday he started with the South Bay Outlaws. He is hoping to make Team A although he is a first year player. I think he has a shot at it. They will be competing against Middle School Teams across San Diego.

Daughter L is getting anxious for those college letters. The other days she said that she wishes they will come already- even if they are rejection letter!!! Ha, ha talking about anxious.Those letters should come in March or April. She has done interviews with Princeton, Havard and and phone interview with Brown. Today, her high school soccer team goes to the 1st round of CIF playoff!! Keep your fingers crossed. After that she will jump right into Lacrosse. For the first time this year, we may have to make some decisions if son A's and daughter L's Lax games conflict!! But that is a wonderful dilemma.

Now that the weather is nicer, husband is back biking. He is out there biking even as I blog right now. He has lost a fair bit of weight and it a lot fitter than he has been in a long time. Your truly? Not so hot! I weigh the same but flab instead of fab :( Getting back into it even as the weather is getting better.

I made persimmon pudding from the persimmon from our garden. Made Kumquart Marmalade form the Kumquart. What else? I spent 3 days ( and still ongoing) organizing my pantry, inside and outside. We have even groceries to run one of those grocery store they have at the back of residential houses in Malaysia. Sisters do you remember them? The one at the back of the house when we lived in Meru? Anyway, warned husband we are not allowed to buy any Indian groceries except for fresh food- tons, and I mean tons of curry spice paste mixes. 3 bottles of Thai fish sauce? Threw out open bottle and open a new one. Then there is my Chinese/ Malaysian stuff - not so much but more than adequate. Do not have stuff for Chinese soups - something I had not done much off but is on my list. Everything is being stored in containers, labeled and sorted. Shelves are being labeled. Still there are those that do not fall into a category so..... drives me insane. I throw them into the pantry and close the door!!! What would you do????

Oh yes, I knitted a cute little cotton sweater for my nephew M- he looks so adorable in it. The cheek of his mother C, asking me to make a sweater for her - sort of mommy and me. I have only enough attention span to make a baby size sweater.

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